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In extremely rare cases scenery layer entries of FS Global products in FSX scenery library are mssing. This is NOT an installer issue, but seems to be connected with events, when a user installs/deinstalls FSX add-ons and/or moves/removes scenery layers in FSX scenery library in large numbers at a time. FSX then sometimes reverts to a default scenery.cfg, which no more hold FS Global scenery layers.

Fix (internet connection neccessary!): insert DVD1 of FS Global Ultimate - Asia/Oceania. Start windows explorer, change to the DVD drive and go the folder \FSX. Start pilots_001_setup.exe. It will ask you to allow an online update. Please allow it (VERY IMPORTANT!). You will then be asked, which FS Global version you want to install. Select the one, you wish to create scenery layers for from the drop down menu. Now select the target drive. This is the one, you previously installed the FS Global product to. Click INSTALL. Confirm the license agreement. Now it will ask, if you want to do a full install or scenery layers only. You know what to select! (Scenery layers only of course!). Click OK. That should do it.

Redo that for all the FS Global products you wish to install scenery layers for. Unfortunately you will have to accept online update EACH TIME (it is not saved). This is very important! Otherwise you will not have the choice of full install v scenery layers only!

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