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AFM - Aerodrome Flattening Meshes (FS9/FSX)

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AFM - Aerodrome Flattening Meshes (FS9/FSX)
29.99 EUR

ATTENTION! This version of AFM was NOT designed to work with AEC corrected airports of FS/FTX Global Vector. It does work will all other airports even when using FS/FTX Global Vector!

Does NOT work with FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation, which comes with its own AFM2.
See product page for details.

We are considering to offer this V2.0 soon as stand alone.

You have bought FS Global 2010 or Ultimate (The Americas; Europe/Africa; Asia/Oceania; does NOT work with Next Generation) and admire the realistic looks your landscape has gotten recently? Good! But then you found, that at some airports scenery looks like that:

or even like that:

Now, why is that? For those who have not read "Inside FS Global" (which we deliver with FS Global) follows a short explaination: There are several possible reasons. The most common is, that airports simply are not flat. Microsoft however has defined: in Flight Simulator every airport has to be flat. So, of course every runway will have a problem with a high resolution terrain on its ends. Next in line is, that Microsoft has used a low resolution terrain scenery as default terrain in Flight Simulator in many areas and has amended the airports to fit the wrong terrain. Enter a correct terrain such as FS Global and this error leaps to the eye. Another common reason is, that some airfields simply are missplaced, because they are missplaced in the database Microsoft has used for placing them. Move them to the correct position and they perfectly fit into the terrain. Whatever reason this error has, it does not look nice. And the problems increase, the higher the resolution of the surrounding mesh gets.

So, what can be done? Well, we could petition Microsoft to correct that. This of course would correct only incorrect airport altitudes, but not the wrong concept of flat only airports. Runways there will still have a wall or slope at their ends.

We could manually check and amend all airports within Flight Simulator (24000+). Of course this can not be done in a reasonable timeframe.

So we here at PILOT'S took a generic approach and generated a flattenmesh for nearly EVERY airfield included in Flight Simulator. Actually not only that, we created it for FSX AND FS2004, a total of about 48.000 airfields. After installation of AFM, the picture above will look like this:

or like that:

A much more pleasant look for the eye!

Of course not every airport will need an AFM. It is up to you to decide, for which you want to use it. Just use the provided tool to install or deinstall them. A proper scenery layer will be created automatically. You can even import and export AFM group files to share your selection with others or move it to another Flight Sim.

AFM is a free DVD for all registered users of FS Global 2010 und FS Global Ultimate - The Americas. A S&H fee of EUR 10.-- applys. Users of FS Global Ultimate - Europe/Africa will find AFM as a seperate DVD in their box. So if you upgrade FS Global 2010 to Ultimate - Europe/Africa you even save the S&H fee!

Customers of other meshes will be able to purchase AFM as a DVD from our webshop. This would be a good time to switch to FS Global and get AFM for FREE!

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