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FS Global Ultimate - The Americas (FS9/FSX/P3D)

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We think you actually do not want to read lots of text here. But you should know some cornerstones before you get the eyecandy:

We completely changed source material:

- SRTM to NED/CDED (some mix before)
- Large Areas are rendered in LOD12 (Grand Canyon, all significant mountain ranges of the US etc)
- Local Areas LOD14 (had to be limited due to data size)
- Mexico done in LOD10 (looks like LOD11 though!)
- Canada in LOD 11, which makes a dramatic difference to default (esp north 60°)

The Americas comes on 6 double-layer DVDs with still both versions (FSX and FS2004) in the box. FS2004 can draw only LODs up to 13 when it is tweaked according to the description in the manual. Since Canada alone is such an advantage over FS Global 2010, we decided to have the FS2004 version in. We will however switch to FSX only versions in the future, because we can no more improve FS2004. But we CAN improve FSX. So guys, go for FSX! Honestly, it is so much better and FS Global lives up in this version of FS.

Coverage Map:

Goodsir North Tower:

Mt. Stephen:

Mt. Logan:

Mt. Robson:

Deltaform Mountain:

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